LAN War XXVI Tournament Schedule

The Attendees have spoken. We have a tourney schedule:

Tourney 1 (Saturday 1pm-3pm): DOTA2
Tourney 2 (Saturday 3pm - 6pm): CS:GO
Tourney 3 (Saturday 7pm - 12am): LoL
Tourney 4 (Sunday 12am - 3am): TitanFall

We'll be opening team request links in the shortly, and players are also encouraged to reach out to other teams, and warm up for the event.

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Let's get ready to RUMBLE!

LAN War XXVI Registration is officially open, sign up now HERE!

April 12-13th Noon to Noon.

4 Tournaments with prize support, and attendees pick which games we'll play!

Door Prizes are rolling in at an amazing rate, and we're exited to see you all there!

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Congratulations IU DOTA 2 Team!

This weekend, as part of the Tespa "Love is in the Air" tournament series, the IU DOTA 2 Team won their series, securing 200 points for IU, and some great prizes for the competitors! Thanks Chris and company!

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